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Hobart in Tasmania is the only capital city in Australia with a mountain backdrop as significant as kunanyi/Mount Wellington. This little project is something I did for fun a few years ago while staying at the house of friends in South Hobart when I wanted to create something to tell a story of the ever changing weather conditions over the mountain.
I left my camera on a tripod in a room of the house so that it would framed a view to the mountain through an window that could be opened. Every day for exactly a month sometime between 0730 and 1700 I randomly chose to press the shutter, but only on exactly the hour or the half hour.

The final sequence is of 20 images, each from a different day. The first frame is at 0730, then every half hour until the final frame at 1700. The music is a composition by a group of three very talented international musicians 'Open Source Trio'.
The mountain has much to offer residents and visitors alike. It rises to 1,271 meters with spectacular summit views and creates its own micro-climate. It can be snow-covered, sometimes even in summer, and the lower slopes are thickly forested but criss-crossed by excellent walking and biking tracks.
In these images a distinctive feature is the dolerite columns known as the Organ Pipes which offer testing rock climbing routes. There is also the prominent transmission tower. A controversial proposal to build a cableway to the summit is currently in the pipeline.