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I've been working on a 'Polar Plunge' and iceberg photo project over a number of trips to Antarctica and have just published it as an 8"x8" soft cover book.

The ‘polar plunge’ is somewhat of a rite of passage for travellers to Antarctica. The ocean temperature there hovers slightly below freezing because of the water salinity and in a glacial world of icebergs, a jump into skin-biting water provokes a cold-shock response from the human body. With this series of images I sought to uncover and explore the underwater experience of those who make the leap. I was surprised to capture calmness in the embrace of numbing cold, moments of transcendence perhaps for some. For others the frames reveal an experience more akin to a trial of courage in facing the unknown.

You can check it out online here but better yet grab a cheap copy of the real printed thing and enjoy!