Photo: Laurence Topham


Stock : Tandem Stills + Motion, Aurora Photos, Lonely Planet Collection at Getty Images.

Zenfolio Pro Team

Ted's Cameras Australia Master


Featured Exhibition : 2016 HeadOn Photo Festival "Call of the Wild"


Awards :

2016 Finalist, Australian Geographic ANZANG Nature Photographer of the Year 'Our Impact'

2016 Real Australia Landscape Photo Awards - Silver certificate x 2 images

2016 PDN Photo Annual winner 'Stock Photography' Iceberg Series (Aurora Photos)

2016 Highly Commended 'Submerged World', Memorial María Luisa International Mountain & Nature Contest

2015 Winner, Nature's Best Photography Windland Smith Rice International Awards, 'Outdoor Adventure’    
2015 Runner-up, Australian Geographic ANZANG Nature Photographer of the Year 'Monochrome'  
2015 Exhibited, Atkins CIWEM Environmental Photographer of the Year, Royal Geographical Society, London
2014 Exhibited, California Academy of Sciences Natural World Photography, San Francisco
2013 Winner, PDN 'Great Outdoors' Pro ‘Scenes of the Natural World’ competition
2013 Winner, Australian Geographic ANZANG Nature Photographer of the Year, 'Portfolio' & 'Animal Portrait'

2012 Winner, PDN 'The Shot', Amateur, ‘On the Mountain’ competition
2008 Winner, Travel Photographer of the Year, ‘Call of the Wild’ portfolio


Assistant filmmaker/photographer for the Corey Rich Productions film “A New Perspective”, winner of the Grand Prize at the 2013 International Festival of Mountain Film in France.

Interviews :

f11 Magazine

Red Bull Adventure
Shifter Media

Ted's Cameras

Expedition and Wilderness Medicine

I first began to explore the world around me through a camera lens while working as a doctor on voluntary assignments in the mountains of Nepal and India. Now I use my medical and outdoor adventure skills to find ways to explore new corners of the globe and tell those stories through photography.
As an adventure travel photographer my intent is to create images that tell stories of human exploration and adventure in areas of natural beauty and wonder.
My inspiration comes from the activities, landscapes, wildlife and people of the outdoor world. I live in Queensland, Australia and California, USA and am available to shoot commissioned work worldwide. All images on this website are available as personalized prints, please contact me for details.